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I came to bed at 10:30 because I was really tired. Somewhere between then and now I got progressively less tired and now I’m wide awake.

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Baby Albino Giant African Land Snails for RE-HOMING(UK only)


382 baby albino retic giant african land snails all looking for new homes. Only the money for p+p is wanted, the snails are all free to good homes. We need to re-home as many as possible or unfortunately we may have to resort to euthanasia. Re-homing MUST be in the UK. If you are interested please email

You can also find their Tumblr here and their FB here

Omg what. I want a snail party

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Veggie burgers made with the spices and beans you have at home — no more frozen hockey-puck versions.

Read more: How to Make Veggie Burgers Without a Recipe on Food52.

These actually look hella good.

jordan-sinclair can we pls

Reblogging because these look phenomenal

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Hounds of Hate

@ S.H.I.B.G.B’s Toronto


This was a great set

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Glass and lace study, 2014 (ft. icicles and ns novelty pieces) 

Holy cute

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