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I was also asked to cover a supervising shift tonight but I was already downtown waiting for the I said I couldn’t. Oops.

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Apparently the Hamilton bus is the place to be right now which is odd considering in the last two years there has never been more than four people on it.

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the cure @ riot fest toronto sept 6th 2014

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This is a very important website. Please spread the link.

Hey sex workers!

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what stopping girl hate is about:

ending internalised misogyny and the prioritisation of men over each other

what stopping girl hate is not about:

expecting women of colour, disabled women and LGBTQA+ women to excuse racism, ableism, homophobia and transmisogyny simply because it’s coming from other women

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Tonight at work these girls dropped a whole 26r of vodka on the floor and ran out to leave it to us to clean.
Then someone tried breaking into our drive thru…so when I looked out there was some guy on the ground and his two friends trying to pick him up. He kept falling then one finally threw him over his shoulders while saying “MIKE THIS WAS FUNNY BUT ITS NOT ANYMORE”. Then mike was screaming at the top of his lungs and they dropped him, and all you could heard was “stop biting my hand mike, it’s not funny”
After work Adrie and I went downtown to people watch and we saw some guy barf while people were chanting “barf it out” at him.
Now I’m home and happy that I’m not a Brock badger and am way more content being on the outside looking in.

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Watch the trailer for M.I.A.’s controversial unreleased documentary before it’s pulled from the internet again. Reblog the shit out of this.

why is she out here lying her ass off and everyone believing it??

lol watchu mean!

I want to watch this when I’m done work

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Lo Que Pasó, Pasó | DADDY YANKEE

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