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Not trying to wake up and work in six hours

Not trying to wake up and work in six hours

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I’ve kept it bottled up for years
Instead of fighting or shedding tears
Now it’s time to let go
My boiling point’s about to show
I don’t know if I’ll lose control
Of my mind, my body, or my soul
Boiling Point
Boiling Over
Boiling Point
Now it’s over

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my mom taught me the therapeutic power of cleaning. open all the windows. throw out the old. wipe down the entire house. burn some incense. roast some coffee. then rest. that way the tears from last night don’t feel as heavy. 

It’s kind of funny how these were things my mom did when I was growing up but I never realized until recently that it was her starting fresh.

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Nicki Minaj shining a light on the differences on acceptable sexuality from white women and black women.

Okay drag, Nicki

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A friendly reminder that body shaming is not a way to promote veganism. We all have different approaches to the same cause, but body shaming should not be one of them. This is not what we’re fighting for.

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Hounds of Hate - “Intro / No Redemption”

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Naked cuddles are actually the best thing bc you can lay there and know that eventually the other person will fuck the shit out of you.

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